First Time Home Buyer Incentives Minnesota

first time home buyer incentives Minnesota

First time home buyer incentives Minnesota mean you can make the move from renting to owning– it is possible.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area is a great place to look for a place to live. First time home buyers should know that there are typically some 17,000 homes for sale, which makes the search for what you want easier than in other parts of the country.

As the nation’s economy continues to rebound from the 2008 “rough patch,” the mix of real estate sales in the Twin Cities is lessening for distressed properties (fewer foreclosure/short sale pendings) and instead swinging back toward traditional homes. If you were wondering what an average home sells for in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, consider that the median sales price is around $220K.

For many people, the 2008 economic crash meant they weren’t ready to buy a new house anytime soon. Thankfully, though, some years have passed, and there seems to be more consumer confidence and the housing market is “back on track” with what people have come to expect.

Nowadays, first time home buyer incentives Minnesota include down payment assistance available from the helpful folks at Lake Area Mortgage, so now’s a great time to look for and purchase a Minnesota home.

In 2015, there are plenty of homes to choose from in the Twin Cities region, and median price gains  every year in recent years illustrate that the market is a healthy one. Therefore, buy now, and expect the value of your home to rise if conditions stay the course.

If you’d like to explore what loans are currently available to help finance the purchase of your new Minnesota home, click here and/or call Lake Area Mortgage at 651-209-2900. First time home buyer incentives Minnesota exist in a state which does its best to help its people live where they want in nice homes.

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